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Your Solution For Buying and Selling Thermoplastic Materials

Thank you for visiting ThermoPlastic Trading, Inc. today. ThermoPlastic Trading provides sellers with skillful and refined matching services for raw material.  This proven strategy leverages superior transactions for you.

You gain market penetration-  Our clients benefit from in-depth market searches from a database of 50,000 records generated by the owner’s combined 50 years of experience. We work with clients with superior reputations and integrity leaving the rest to others.

Sellers- companies like yours are our core constituency. We are committed to providing you with top competitive prices and with early or on-time payment, every time. We find proper homes for your material to maximize the return on your material asset; while providing unparalleled customer service.

Buyers- gain access to proven quality feedstreams at extremely competitive prices.  We match material opportunities via proprietary software where products are sourced and coordinated using our “Insta-Match” system.

Whether you are looking for plastic regrind, reprocessed plastic pellets or scrap plastic, you will find the materials you are looking for at very competitive prices at Thermoplastic Trading.

Plastic Sellers/Plastic Buyers:
Your time is essential, ThermoPlastic Trading responds by working promptly and efficiently.

Our agents are available from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST.
Post your plastics 24/7 by clicking on “Post Products"  then “Post Product for Sale” or “Post Product Needed”.

What We Trade:

ThermoPlastic Trading buys plastic and sells plastic in all formats: Plastic Regrind, Reprocessed Plastic, Plastic Pellets and Scrap Plastic particularly the following engineering plastics:

Engineering Grade Resins
    • • ABS
  • • Acrylic
  • • Nylon 6
  • • Nylon 6/6
  • • Polycarbonate
  • • PC/ABS
  • • Acetal
  • • Fluropolymer
  • • PETG
  • • PBT
  • • PPO

Commodity Resins:
• Polystyrene- GPPS, HIPS and OPS
• PVC Flexible PVC and Rigid PVC
• PET all IV's
• EVA, TPO and TPU

And many others…

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