Our Client Pledge

Thermoplastic Trading’s ownership is committed to our client’s success. With over 50 years of combined plastic trading experience; we offer to help you win in the competitive plastic marketplace in the following ways:

0 To ask probing insightful questions then carefully listen to your answers so we may fully understand what you our client needs.

0 To determine the highest and best use for the material. We let the material quality determine the representation; not greed.

Customer Pledge:

We fully guarantee every pound we sell. Our clients benefit from dependable representation of materials at competitive prices, honest weights with exemplary customer service.

0 To place the right material into the correct application every time.

0 To accurately provide you our client with information about the contents without omission, distortion or sales babble.

0 To provide you with lower priced quality regrind facilitating your ability to successfully compete for orders from either domestic or international competitors.
0 ThermoPlastic Trading works with honest, fair-minded people who operate with integrity; we leave others to do the rest.

0 ThermoPlastic Trading guarantees our material for a full 30 days.

Vendor Pledge:

0 ThermoPlastic Trading will market your material with honesty, and integrity.

0 ThermoPlastic Trading continues to pay every invoice early or within terms; and we can prove it!

0 ThermoPlastic Trading is 100% accurate and truthful with our weights.

0 ThermoPlastic Trading is large enough to trade material on the world stage yet small enough to afford suppliers with personal attention to every facet of each transaction.

Mission Statement

ThermoPlastic Trading Inc.’s mission is to trade raw material with integrity by infusing each transaction with value through experience and professionalism harmonized with our proprietary “Insta-Match” software.

You gain as we commit ourselves to:
Experience: teaches which questions to ask from first through last.
Integrity: provides you with assurance that you will receive accurate answers.
Professionalism: guarantees that your answers will have clarity so you may rest assured that we understand what you are selling or what you are buying.
Expertise: provides you with a technical oriented material specialist
Competence: means we listen through the lens of experience
Dedication: Your success is what we produce.


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