Material Description

Material DescriptionThermoPlastic Trading, Inc. both buys plastic and sells plastic to and from industrial consumers of raw material.
As a plastic trading company we trade all thermoplastic material in any form; such as purge,
sprues, runners, parts, regrind and reprocessed products and variation of prime in any shape or color imaginable.


Below are descriptions of some of the products we trade:

0A "purge" is often generated at the beginning or end of a run, end of a day or at color changeover. They have many humorous names including plops, blobs, cow patties one company calls them "goobes"; to name a few.

0 “Regrind” is materials often milled or ground from obsolete or out of specification parts,
sprues, runners or purge.

0 “Reprocessed” or “repro” as it is often called is material generated from non-prime
feedstock such as regrind, producer scrap and obsolete virgin pellets.

0"Obsolete Prime" is on-specification pellets within the prime pellets category. This material may be made obsolete due to the age of the pellets in the lot, discontinued plastic material or obsolete colors pellets.

0 “Aged Prime” is material that was once prime and due to age they are available at attractive prices.

0 "Wide Specification", "wide spec", "Near Prime" or "off grade" plastic materials are all synonymous terms. These pellets may be sold in original producer packaging or neutral packaging; often without lot numbers. This category originally was intended to be sold as "prime pellets" however during the certification process, one or more key physical properties were found to be out of tolerance or out of specification. Specifically, the material may be out of specification due to "melt index", "elongation", "flex mod", "tensile strength" "izod" or "density" or a combination of factors.


We trade “engineering grades “of plastics such as ABS, Acetal, Acrylic  (PMMA), Nylon 6, Nylon 6/6 unfilled, glass or mineral filled, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, SAN, PETG, TPO, TPV and their alloys.

Our “commodity resins” include the typical 5; polyethylene's LDPE, MDPE HDPE the other olefin; homopolymer PP and copolymer PP, PVC both rigid and flexible, PET and the polystyrene both in GPPS, MIPS and HIPS.
As “plastic brokers” our clients are plastic injection molders, plastic extruders, blow molders, plastic compounders and other plastic resellers.


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