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ThermoPlastic Trading is committed to the planet.

We are an environmentally conscious company and have a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the plastic industry through recycling materials.

Thermoplastic Trading recycles industrial quantities of palletized plastic raw material.   Our company services industrial companies.  Please call us at 330.780.5422 for industrial recycling inquiries.

Please note, we DO NOT provide residential recycling services.

If you wish to learn more about recycling in general, please contact your city or county government and ask them if you have a MURF in your area.  A MURF is a “Municipal Recycling Facility”.  If your area has a MURF please use it, if not start one!  Be a part of the environmental solution!  Local people working with their local government can accomplish anything.

For more information on MURFs click on the link below:

Whether you are looking for plastic regrind, reprocessed plastic pellets or scrap plastic, you will find the materials you are looking for at very competitive prices at Thermoplastic Trading.

Plastic Sellers/Plastic Buyers:
Your time is essential, ThermoPlastic Trading responds by working promptly and efficiently.

Our agents are available from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST.
Post your plastics 24/7 by clicking on “Post Products"  then “Post Product for Sale” or “Post Product Needed”.


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