How ThermoPlastic Trading Works

How TPT WorksThermoPlastic Trading properly explores each trading opportunity to buy or sell.
Our experienced technical oriented owners create matches that work for both parties. 
We channel materials utilizing the “highest and best use” theory of strategic material marketing.
Product is meticulously matched with application. Customers and vendors gain the benefit of a superior transaction, as material is professionally and appropriately marketed.

Why Trade With Us: You will find us to be highly motivated professionals with depth and breadth of product knowledge, spanning all material niches. Put our decades of experience building client relationships to work for you.

You Deserve Better
: Anyone can claim they buy and sell material. Few competitors choose to professionally source and place material. Fewer still will market materials honestly, correctly and with reliability. Rarely still will professionally matched offerings be matched with on-time payment.  Doing the right deal for everyone involved supersedes all. We view potential transactions from the perspective of its impact on our long-term relationship with you. If it works we will work it, if not we pass. When was the last time you heard that from a brokerage firm?  

Our Competition: Ask yourself this; would our competitor pass on a “square peg in a round hole” deal or ship it and hope for the best? We pass on mismatches every day. Do you hear the truth without omission, misstatements or prevarication when they speak or are there words self-serving? At TPT you may count on the truth and the chips will fall where they may. Does our competition bringing true value to you the client and not just themselves? Our commitment to service you is unsurpassed. Keeping you as a client is our top priority; whatever that takes.

Whether you are looking for plastic regrind, reprocessed plastic pellets or scrap plastic, you will find the materials you are looking for at very competitive prices at Thermoplastic Trading.

Plastic Sellers/Plastic Buyers:
Your time is essential, ThermoPlastic Trading responds by working promptly and efficiently.

Our agents are available from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST.
Post your plastics 24/7 by clicking on “Post Products"  then “Post Product for Sale” or “Post Product Needed”.

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